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Great service. They even provided clarification when I had secondary questions. Totally worth the money as they helped me sort out the situation and get to a desired end result.

What to Expect

Have you watched the videos?   You now have the option of a 1-on-1 private consultation with a title expert.  You can describe your title scenario and receive a custom consultation regarding your title options along with personal instructions on doing the title paperwork.  The consultation includes a VIN search lookup request*, a vehicle valuation for tax calculation, and emailed forms for your scenario. Click here to schedule an appointment.

If you are considering mechanic’s lien or abandoned vehicle title, schedule a consultation to find out more about these processes and if they are right for you.

(VIN Search results as available from online data)

  • We want to hear the description of your vehicle title situation
  • We will describe different types of loopholes to consider
  • We will provide advice on possible solutions to obtaining a title
  • The information you can take to your DMV for processing
  • You will have a title document checklist for reference
  • You will be issued a Help Desk account to reach our assistance desk
  • We can provide a referral to download documents for title processing
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The licensed professional will hear you out, and describe possible solutions, and actions you can take to obtain the results you may be looking for.

"Most states are required to accept other states valid ownership documents."
- Dave Pelligrinelli