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What to Expect

Describe your case to us and let a licensed private investigator describe your available options for resolving your case. Whether it is an asset search, online scam, deleted records recovery, or other investigative scenario, your live private consultation can provide answers and directions for how to proceed, even some suggestions for free “do-it-yourself” investigative methods.

  • We want to hear the description of your case situation
  • We will lookup background basic information on the person or company of interest
  • We will provide advice on possible investigative strategies
  • We can describe various legal histories that we have seen in our experience
  • We will provide offerings and description of investigator services available
  • You will have a $100 credit towards any investigation
  • You will have available to use a discounted 4 hour block of dedicated investigator time (within 30 days)
  • You will be issued a Help Desk account to reach our assistance desk
  • We can provide a referral to law enforcement if appropriate
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A licensed professional will meet with you via live video consultation, using your phone, computer, or tablet. Describe your situation, questions, and the results you are looking for.


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The licensed professional will hear you out, and describe possible solutions, and actions you can take to obtain the results you may be looking for.

"Our practice areas are: asset search and recovery, corporate fraud and embezzlement, and online scams and frauds."
- Dave Pelligrinelli