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What to Expect

Are you having difficulty finding a quality contractor to build or repair a home? Contractors are in short supply and are very selective on the jobs they take. Your live private consultation can provide answers on how to get good contractors to call you back, bid your job competitively, and complete it on time. There are often a few small things you can do yourself which makes your project much more appealing to the GOOD contractors, so entice them to show up and give a quality bid.

  • We want to hear the description of your building projects
  • We will suggest methods to make the project efficient
  • We will provide advice on possible modifications to increase the quality
  • We can describe various methods to make the project attractive to quality builders.
  • Use the suggestions with a third party builder of your choosing.
  • You will be issued a Help Desk account to reach our assistance desk
  • We can provide a referral to state builder directories as needed
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A licensed professional will meet with you via live video consultation, using your phone, computer, or tablet. Describe your situation, questions, and the results you are looking for.


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The licensed professional will hear you out, and describe possible solutions, and actions you can take to obtain the results you may be looking for.